What is Crooked House?

David and Patrick purchased a house in 2015. They weren't exactly shopping. It had issues. The lovely family that owned it were only the second owners since 1928, having acquired it in 1957. It needed a lot of fixing up including a new furnace, roof, windows, plumbing, and electric. It was also crooked. Two corners had sunk, we speculate, early in the life of the house. But... the view! Did we mention the view?!?

It is now a home and while it is in no way perfect or finished, we rather feel it is developing patina rather than polish. 

About David and Patrick

Patrick and David have been together since 2003 and married since 2005. It has been a joy and a struggle to build what we have and we feel very lucky to have arrived here. We have so many close friends and family with whom we travel and spend time, not least among these our son Ben and his mother Penny. This website is a celebration of all that. We look forward to reviewing it when we are too old to remember everything.

Please comment on any pictures you enjoy or remember.

If you find anything you wish wasn't here, please contact us with the link in main navigation, or via the social media links above.

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