David Wright Gibson has worked for years at the intersection of technology and education. He has held many titles such as Group Product Manager, Associate Director of Online Services, Executive Editor for Strategic Technology, Director of Technology Operations, Educational Technology Consultant and Solutions Engineer. In these roles he has worked primarily in higher education, but also in professional education and K-12 at such firms as Harcourt, Macmillan, Thomson Course Technology, Microsoft and Blackboard.

David's technical aptitude has been an asset in supporting educators. He absorbs new technologies quickly and moves with alacrity up Bloom’s Taxonomy. David is passionate about the role of technology in education. We must utilize these tools to improve living conditions for all human beings. Exposing children and adults to new ideas and skills increases the quality of life for everyone. The results of broad education are peace, prosperity and the opportunity to achieve a level of understanding about the universe that contributes to our ability to achieve happiness.

You can see more detail about his professional experience at his LinkedIn page. You can contact him directly via Linkedin or any of the social media sites linked here.

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