Education Transformation

In the course of my professional work, I have published the occasional article on LinkedIn.

In 2020, I am striving to up my frequency and add the human element of audio and video. While the world is crowded with voices, it is important to lean into the dialog.

At the same time, I want to take advantage of the technology we have to increase the availability of my message with audio and video. I think we sometimes lose the human component in our online dialog. There can be a tendency at times to forget that the other person is a person.

In addition, there is much that I think we need to discuss as a society about the changes that are driven by what is variously termed the Digital Wealth System (Toffler/Toffler), the Second Machine Age (Brynjolfsson/McAfee), or the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Schwab). Exploring these spaces is both a professional work and a personal mission.

You can find all these articles at my LinkedIn Articles Page, or directly from the list at right.

Surveillance Capitalism and Education

Published 2019-06-11

Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Education

Published 2018-09-05 The

Wealth of Education Systems

Published 2018-05-11 Teaching and

Learning in Every Home

Published 2018-01-20

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